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The Richie Norton Show

Jan 21, 2020

#11 Richie interviews top podcaster and WSJ bestselling author Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, Superfans, Will It Fly, The Switchpod and more. How does Pat has over 60 million downloads on his podcast, run several business and create new projects while still maintaining an incredible family life? Richie and Pat have know each other for years through mutual friend and business partner John Lee Dumas and have worked on projects together including the Switchpod through Richie's company Prouduct. How did he make a tripod cool? So many behind the scenes details included inside this podcast about (including Swtichpod and other projects).
This podcast will give you insights into how to make your own smart passive income decisions around your highest values so you can live an abundant life of contribution, gratitude and happiness through entrepreneurship. Must listen show for anyone looking to learn how to create a loving lifestyle and legacy of freedom and helping others by providing value. Learn about building a tribe of superfans and connecting the dots between influencers and audiences to grow products in new niches. There's even a story in here about the Backstreet Boys. ;-)
MORE ABOUT PAT FLYNN: Pat Flynn is a beloved thought leader in the areas of online entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and lifestyle businesses. He overcame career adversity at an early age by finding his own path and true passion. Despite his success in business, Pat’s greatest joys are spending time with his family and friends as well as helping inspire and educate others on how to succeed with their own entrepreneurial careers.

Since 2014, however, he’s become more interested in areas of philanthropy, specifically in the world of education. He is on the advisory board for Pencils of Promise, and has helped build schools in Ghana, Africa. He plans to use his success to help education locally, a passion of his now especially since his two young children are now of school age.

Pat is routinely praised for his authentic leadership style and business principles. Forbes recently named him one of the ten most transparent leaders in business. The New York Times profiled him as a case study in smart online business building. And countless podcasts and blogs have featured his story and the techniques he uses to manage and grow this audience.

Presently, Pat enjoys focusing on writing books, growing his top-ranked business podcast, and speaking at conferences, and learning more about changing education and how kids learn.