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The Richie Norton Show

Feb 18, 2020

SIRAH (Sara Mitchell) is a Grammy award winning rapper (Skrillex - Bangarang) who overcame abject poverty, homelessness, kidnapping, rape, drugs, gangs, violence, and addiction. She lived through the unimaginable and created a new life through self-determination. She brings her uncommon experience and wisdom into her music and outreach efforts. As a singer songwriter she works with many artists and travels the world. She is a life coach to celebrities, teens and women and is based in Hollywood.
Richie met Sirah in Moldova doing a TEDx Talk a few years ago. They've been best friends ever since. Sirah discusses her stranger-than-fiction life story and teaches you how you can work through your most difficult circumstances. Sirah's message is deep, important, raw, real and necessary. You will find the light in your life and protect others' light as a result of listening in and applying the lessons learned. Sirah says, "You get to choose what your past meant to create your future." Learn how to channel your light in your darkness. Your reaction creates the energy around situations, not the situation itself. Sirah is a light in the dark. You can be a light too. You must. Listen to Sara and be inspired. (Explicit)