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The Richie Norton Show

Mar 21, 2020

How to Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable (as it's said, your dreams live outside your comfort zone). Through a series of self-reflective questions you will learn principles of how to choose your life during times of uncertainty. Own it and become a self-disruptor to create your ideal career and life so you can...

Mar 21, 2020

When outside circumstances are pitted against your self-image...who do you become? Richie does a deep dive into the thoughts, process and framework shared by Whitney Johnson from his interview with her on tools to thrive during disruption. This aftercast will help you internalize the lessons from the interview and help...

Mar 21, 2020

To fear or create. Richie Norton interviews world-renowned expert Whitney Johnson about tools to thrive during disruption. Whitney recently, writes, "But as novel as the novel coronavirus is, there is nothing new about trouble and challenge. I think when we succumb to fear and the paralysis or overreaction that it can...

Mar 17, 2020

This interview will open your eyes to the unseen world that is the COVID-19 pandemic. Richie Norton interviews Casey Garland who is patient #6 in Salt Lake City, Utah and in quarantine. I was introduced to Casey from a mutual friend Britton Winterose. I asked Casey for his bio: "Casey Garland--29 years old, otherwise...

Mar 10, 2020

Richie builds on episodes 29 and 30 to teach three principles of happiness to help you turn your tragedy into a triumph. Powerful life lessons on mindset, action-taking and processing.